Debbie Wallace Designs is made up of highly skilled, talented men and women with whom we have established long-term professional relationships.  These individuals take pride in their craft and stand behind their work.  As a result, our commitment to you is to maintain excellent communication throughout the design process, deliver your design within the agreed upon time frame, and within budget.

Why Debbie Wallace Designs?

  • Thirty (30) years of extensive experience in interior design.
  • Debbie Wallace’s designs have been showcased in leading design publications/programs such as:
-¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† HGTV’s Best of “Designers Challenge”
-       FDR Magazine
-       Tampa Bay Magazine
-       House Trends
-       Du Pont Registry
-       Destination Tampa Bay
-       St. Pete Times
  • Full-service, custom interior design.
  • Specialize in construction management and renovations.
  • Wholesale purchasing power.
  • Furniture, window treatments, and accessories.
  • Concierge move-in ready packages.
  • Team of skilled artisans and craftsmen.
  • Design and create custom pieces.
  • Creative problem solving to sometimes challenging spaces.
What do we offer our clients?
  • A collective group of very seasoned trade professionals who plan as well as execute all phases of your design concept.
  • Our creative edge allows us to help you achieve your dream home.¬† Many of our clients, over the years, have expressed their joy when they come home to their newly designed homes. ¬†They take pleasure in showing off their new environment to friends and family. ¬†Our clients also notice we flourish in all styles of design, desiring to make each home a unique reflection of its owner.
  • Personal attention is given to each client throughout the entire design process. ¬†When you select someone to re-design one of your most important investments, you want to be sure your designer is a good fit for you.¬† From the onset, the designer must understand what you, the homeowner, desire to achieve. ¬†For instance.¬† Do you entertain often?¬† Do you desire a casual, relaxed atmosphere?¬† Do you need to consider children or pets?¬† Do you want low maintenance?¬† What is your budget? ¬†¬†At Debbie Wallace Designs, we pride ourselves in incorporating our client‚Äôs ideals, thoughts, and feelings into their design concept.
How do you feel in your surroundings?
  • Stop for a moment and reflect on how you feel when you arrive at a luxury hotel or spa for vacation. ¬†Perhaps you instantly begin to relax and feel lighter – your problems seem to just melt away. ¬†Imagine capturing that exact same feeling every time you walk through your front door.¬† Life is stressful and you work hard ‚Äď you deserve to have that problem-free sensation at the end of each day.
  • We can help you bring that atmosphere to your private sanctuary ‚Äď your home.¬† Expressing your individuality – why is this so important? ¬†Simply put, you are going to live and work in your new environment. ¬†While you may need a designer‚Äôs guidance and input to realize your ideas, you want your space to reflect you and your family. ¬†At Debbie Wallace Designs it is our desire and goal to help you achieve exactly what you were envisioning, even if you don‚Äôt know how to express it. ¬†Our role as the designer is to interpret your vision, make selections accordingly, and execute your design concept ‚Äď to make your environment new and exciting.
  • We are constantly looking for new products and finishes that will help us to create your one-of-a-kind environment.¬† Our custom artisans are at your disposal.
  • How does it all come together? ¬†Once we have a design plan in place that you feel expresses you, we go to work.¬† We have an organization of highly trained professionals who can implement your ideals.¬† This is all done under our designer‚Äôs supervision.
Debbie Wallace Designs Inc.
Beautiful Interior Design lies just a message away.

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